A presentation for WFTGA 2017 General Assembly in Tehran, Iran

by Mary Kemp Clarke


I have been asked to give a short presentation about the Jane Orde Scholarship and it is an honour for me to do so.


So who was Jane Orde?

Jane Orde, as a member, treasurer and trainer of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association, was one of my two Mentors in Scotland when I was training to become a Scottish Blue Badge Tourist Guide in 1996.
Jane Orde was elected the second President of the WFTGA during our 2nd International Convention in Vienna in 1987, a post she held for six years. She encouraged professional training for guides and the development of the International Tourist Guide Day. Did you know that the WFTGA logo – the hand of friendship and the hand of guidance stretched across the world – was designed during Jane‘s presidency.

She was awarded Honorary Membership of the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association, and she was also made an Honorary Member of the Scottish Tourist Guide Association and Life Fellow of the Guild of Registered Tourist Guides.
Very sadly Jane died on 9th October 2000. This coincided with Deborah Androus' presidency of the WFTGA. As a Director of the Androus Foundation, Deborah and the WFTGA agreed to establish the Jane Orde Scholarship Fund in her memory, administered by the Androus Foundation. The very first recipients of this Scholarship attended the 10th WFTGA Convention in Dunblane Scotland in 2003, a guide from Gambia and a guide from Guatemala (Victor).

Why was Jane Orde Scholarship established?

The Jane Orde Scholarship was created to help tourist guides from less affluent countries to attend our biennial Conventions. Based on the International Monetary Fund listing in Tiers, as used by the WFTGA for fee payment bands, the Scholarship therefore only applies to tourist guides from the countries in Tiers 3, 4 and 5.
The award only finances part of the costs of attending a Convention, not all. The applicants must therefore demonstrate that they have other financial support in cash or in kind (such as flights for instance) usually through sponsorship from tourism partners in their own localities.
All Jane Orde Scholarship applicants must be practicing tourist guides and they must be active in their local associations.

How do we run the Jane Orde Scholarship and Fund?

The Jane Orde Fund is administered by the Androus Foundation. The Androus Foundation already existed for charitable purposes such as sponsoring one or two attendees to Conventions, under the care of Deborah Androus and her family. It still does.
When the Jane Orde Fund was set up, a contract between the WFTGA and the Androus Foundation was agreed. Accordingly, only a scholarship awarded with the approval of the Androus Foundation, and which fulfil the original purposes as agreed in 2003, can be called a Jane Orde Scholarship.
On one occasion only was a Jane Orde Scholarship awarded to support the training of a participant at the Cyprus Training Course, with the permission of the Androus Foundation.

Let me be clear: different and separate funding deals with training scholarships until now - not the Jane Orde Scholarship. At the Training Committee Meeting in 2007 it was agreed that the WFTGA itself would offer some scholarships for training. Other funding for training has been supported by different bodies: The Androus Foundation through Deborah Androus, the Leventis Foundation through Titina Loizoides, the UNWTO, UNESCO, the UNDP and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation for instance.

Since 2007 guides must now complete a Jane Orde Scholarship form to apply for money to attend the biennial Conventions. All who apply for the Jane Orde Scholarship are considered.
Once a shortlist is drawn up considering the benefits to each applicant and their local associations of attending the Convention, the appointed scrutinisers from the WFTGA Executive Board and the Androus Foundation decide on the final successful candidates. A letter offering the award is sent to the candidates. In some cases however, applicants who have been offered a Scholarship initially, then withdraw for a variety of reasons.

Where does the Jane Orde Fund money come from?

1. The Androus Foundation:
Since the start, the Androus Foundation administered, approved and, particularly in the early days, financed the Jane Orde Fund.

2. The silent auction we have at our biennial Conventions:
It was with the first Jane Orde Scholarship awards in 2003 in Dunblane, Scotland, presented by Jane Orde's widower Martin Orde and their daughter, that the Executive Board took advice that to maintain the Jane Orde Fund for the scholarships, then other sources of income would be required because money for only 2 more scholarships remained for this purpose in the Androus Foundation. This is when the WFTGA Executive Board agreed that a percentage of the silent Auction money received at the Conventions would be donated to the Jane Orde Fund.

3. The raffle/ live auction at our biennial Conventions:
At the same time as deciding on using a percentage of the silent Auction in 2003, the Executive Board also agreed that the proceeds of a raffle would be entirely for the Jane Orde Fund. One or 2 items from the donations to the silent Auction were reserved for this live raffle. This became part of the live Auction rather than a raffle.

4. Further capital was and is incremented through adhoc donations and gifts (Jenny Oulton, book sales...)

5. Surplus from training:
The WFTGA is a not-for-profit organisation. Excess funds and surpluses must therefore be ploughed back into the Federation goals. For the past 13 years or so, excess money has been made through training programmes run by the WFTGA. Note that this is training surplus. To an extent, this training surplus has subsidised the WFTGA as a whole. Have you noticed that our membership fees have not risen? This training surplus has also subsidised scholarships for training and for convention attendance – at times confusing and blurring the precise source of the fund supporting various scholarships.


And finally who are the guides awarded a Jane Orde Scholarship?

Over the years guides from all over the world have benefited from the Jane Orde Scholarship, and we have met them all at our WFTGA Conventions! Initially, when the Androus Foundation offered to establish the Jane Orde Scholarship, it was for one recipient sponsored by the Foundation. The Androus Foundation would like to continue that linkage.
Over the years, when finances allow and when applicants are very strong candidates, more Scholarships have been awarded.
As already mentioned our recipients in 2003 for the Dunblane Convention were from Gambia and Guatemala.
• We also saw successful candidates from Egypt and Jordan for Melbourne,
• Aja from Latvia, Govind from India and Arlindo from Mozambique for Cairo,
• Roger from Malaysia and Pimlorat from Thailand for Bali,
• Cristina from Brazil, Patricia from Peru, Giorgi from Georgia and Gennadiy from Ukraine for Tallinn,
• Nadia from Argentina and Sangay from Bhutan for Macau,
• Maxine from the Bahamas, Joan from Barbados, Djay from the Philippines, Joan from Barbados, Tamara from Uruguay and Tatyana from the Ukraine for Prague...

Would you like to apply for the 2019 Jane Orde Scholarship Fund? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy of the Criteria and Application form.

Thank you.